Had a Pregnancy massage today with Kelly and fell in love can’t wait to go back for another one.. Ashley July 2017

I really enjoy the soothing effect of the Acupressure Mat on my back, shoulders and neck after studying all day. The discomfort is greatly reduced, my neck is more comfortable on my pillow and I sleep well after my pre-bedtime 15 minute mat ritual. I highly recommend it! Tessa

Highly recommended!  Really good at what she does. The best massage I’ve had!! Will be going here regularly.  Brett July 2017

Kelly is my favourite massage therapist. She always tries to fit me in (with limited notice) & takes great care with her profession. I went to Kelly during my second pregnancy & have returned to her for her experience & talent. I couldn’t recommend her more highly. Thank you for today, Kelly. My back feels SO much better.  Amelia June 2017

I have recently had several pregnancy massages with Kelly to help with my back pain. Each time has been fabulous. I walk out feeling amazing! I would highly recommend Kelly’s services to anyone who is pregnant. Kelly looks after your body and puts you in positions that is safe for both you and the baby. Thank you Kelly!! I cannot wait for my next one!! Jess June 2017

I love my spike Mat! When I lie on it my mind becomes quiet and my body is saying thank you. I usually fall asleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated. I highly recommend it for relieving stress. Thank you Kelly for being so innovative by selling these acupressure mats. Julie May 2017

Great very relaxing!!!! Highly recommend Lux Yogi!  Amber April 2017

I highly recommend Lux Yogi! So calm and relaxing, if you’re stressed or just need time for your self book a massage today! thank you so much! Kate April 2017

I have had the Triple Berry Facial and it was great, it was so relaxing! Kelly you are amazing and I will definately be having it again  Amy March 2017

I Love my Acupressure Mat so much I fell asleep on it! Robyn March 2017

Will definitely be going back for a Triple Berry Facial again! So refreshing and relaxing!  Courtney March 2017

Kelly works her magic on my muscles each month with her awesome massages. I highly recommend Lux Yogi for the way she makes you feel both spiritually and physically. Her yoga classes are great too! Lisa Feb 2017

I purchased an Acuprussure mat to assist my partners insomnia. Initially skeptical he tried it and loves it, he falls into a relaxed state easily with regular use and his sleep has greatly improved. I find it fantastic for neck & back soreness as well as a great relaxation tool. Sylvia Feb 2017

An early yoga class with Kelly  at the tennis courts was awesome and felt so good after it. Thank you Kel, your class was a good mix of exercises and stretches that had me sweating and with the help of the Acupressure yoga mat tingling. I highly recommend these yoga classes to my friends. Xx // Jo Feb 2017

I purchased a Acupressre mat to assist my partners insomnia. Initially skeptical he tried it and loves it, he falls into a relaxed state easily with regular use and his sleep has greatly improved. I find it fantastic for neck & back soreness as well as a great relaxation tool // Syl Feb 2017

Everyone in our house has used our mat tonight, even the boys after football training. We all had the same first reaction but was so short lived, we all said we are feeling less tense more relaxed. Awesome feeling, I’m now sitting with my feet on it. Great purchase, may need to order more so I don’t have to share. ps I need to order another for one of the girls at work plz.  // Barbara, Feb 2017

After a long stressful period of caring for my partner and his eventual passing away and organizing a funeral, I was having a great deal of difficulty sleeping without assistance from medication. Since using the mat in the evenings before bed I have found I am now sleeping more soundly without assistance. Vicki Jan 2017

I have had several massages with Kelly and she is simply fabulous. Thoroughly works out all the tension and leaves you in a state of pure relaxation. I highly recommend a massage with Kelly and I can’t wait for my next one. Thank you Kelly  Larissa Jan 2017

I have been using the Acupressure Mat I got from LuxYogi and it’s fantastic. Not only am I having the best sleeps but it’s helped to alleviate headaches. Thanks Kel!   // Reia Jan 2017

I have recently just experienced the Heavenly Escape package. It was the perfect blend of therapeutic massage and relaxation. The stress just melted away the minute your feet are placed in aromatic foot spa to the blissful head massage and everything in between. I was so impressed with the experience I have already booked my next one in.  // Wendy Jan 2017

Hands down, the best massage I’ve ever had! Very friendly and professional service. Good strong pressure. My tension just melted away and the head massage was incredible. I would highly recommend everyone try a massage with Kelly if you haven’t already. .//Lara Jan 2017

Hi Kelly, I’ve been using Spaceuticals for the last 9 days and absolutely love them. //Sylvia, Dec 2016

Excellent deep tissue massage! Highly recommend! // Jessica Dec 2016

Thanks Kelly for another amazing yoga class at Jerrys plains last night ! I always leave class feeling amazing ready to run at the next week !!! You are amazing lovely lady and I highly recommend the class to anyone looking for an hr of amazing time just for them namaste kel.  // Tammy Oct 2016

Kel fit me in last minute & worked wonders! Couldn’t recommend higher! // Charlotte Oct 2016

Hey Kelly, just though I’d say thanks again for the other night my shoulder feels the best it’s felt in a long time I actually feel like the knot has gone out of it which normally never feels that way, what you did worked amazing thank you so much! // Lauren Oct 2016

Kelly fit me in as soon as she could which was so very kind of her! I first went with very sore & tight shoulders & upper body and over the last 3 weeks she has made such a massive improvement in these areas! I would definitely recommend Kelly for your next massage! I look forward to the next heated towel! // Melissa, July 2016

AMAZING! Had my first deep tissue massage today & feeling amazing. Felt like a pretzel, all twisted and knotted going in but so relaxed & less tense now. Highly recommended. I’ve already booked my next consult! Thanks Kell, you’re hands are magic.  // Amy, July 2016

I floated out the door after my massage with Kelly. She found a few tight spots I didn’t know existed and got rid of them. Highly recommended! //John, June 2016

Best massage I have ever had! I could not recommend Lux Yogi enough for all your relaxation or deep tissue massage, or body wrap needs! I count down the days until my next massage! // Amy June 2016

Thanks for my awesome body wrap last night, it was wonderful – can’t wait for the next one! // Lauren June 2016

I had never had a body wrap – but I loved it and could not recommend one highly enough – provided Kelly at Lux Yogi does it with her Waterlily range! Divine scent, totally comfortable setting and gorgeous results.  The ultimate relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering! // Lyric June 2016

Kelly fit me in when I had put my back out and hadn’t been able to walk for two days, 20 minutes after my massage my back had freed up and I was able to walk properly and the discomfort had reduced dramatically. I can’t recommend her services enough! I have also now had one of her incredible new facials using her Waterlily range which was like heaven!! Love Kelly and the amazing services she offers. // Kim  May 2016

I can’t wait to try one of the beautiful new Body Treatments. I already love the Organic Honey and Cocoa Wrap but the Lemongrass Body Smoother sounds lovely and refreshing.  // Lara May 2016

All tucked in after 80 minutes with Kelly today – thank you so much it was just what I needed. Looking forward to a good nights sleep Thanks for the great recommendation Barb and Gail. // Vicki  May 2016

I spent 80 mins yesterday morning having a relaxation massage at Lux Yogi with Kelly I went in with sore tight muscles hurting and tired and came out much more relaxed able to move and feeling much better , thank you for the experience Kelly i will be back very soon!! // Kerrie  May 2016

I love everything about Lux Yogi. The calm atmosphere and awesome massage Kel has an awesome touch that makes you feel amazing after. Great pressure and stylish surrounds. // Jo  May 2016

Hi Kelly I can’t thank you enough for your ongoing awesome yoga classes on Tuesday nights at the Jerry’s plains hall ,I am loving it and so are my friends ,you make us all feel welcome and relaxed your professional approach is to be admired thank you so much. Did I mention the relaxation session?  Its unbelievable. // Kaye April 2016

We have been going to the yoga classes at Jerry’s Plains and have found the classes to be fantastic Kelly caters for the young and old no pressure for the more mature yoga goers our whole family attends and we all leave feeling calm and rejuvenate thanks Kelly.  // Kim  March 2016

Lux yogi, would have to be the best massage I have had in a long time. Professional and relaxing, perfect for sore muscles from gym or sport. I visit Kelly fortnightly to release my muscle tension and knots from the gym, I would definitely recommend //Leah May 2016

Have been seeing Kelly for an ongoing and old shoulder problem. Hands down, best result I have ever had. Instant release, along with amazing results for sleeping. Calm, peaceful environment and magic results. Can’t wait for the new spa treatment packages. Book an appointment now! // Caroline  April 2016

Beautiful lady, amazing massage with a lovely, relaxing atmosphere. Highly recommend. Thank you Kelly //Sylvia . April 2016

Had my first pregnancy massage with Kelly and am extremely pleased! Very professional and was a very relaxing experience. Highly recommend for all pregnant woman. Best massage! Thanks Kelly // Shana  2016

Love Kel! Fantastic massage therapist! Professional service. // Chelsea  2016

Thank you for a great massage! Nice environment, very professional and best of all I can walk taller now!  //Virginia  2015

Hey there Kelly, I loved your treatment thanks – I laughed when you first said you were only offering an hour and a half treatment…. but the time flew and I enjoyed it immensely. After the massage I felt I could stand straighter, I was incredibly relaxed and happy/balanced. It was definitely a lot LOT better than how I had felt from July onwards!  I don’t really mind how much it hurts, and could deal with more pain because the outcome is so great. Next time you have my permission to go harder! I’ve passed your number on to three or four people already.   Might book more regular treatments as I’m not looking forward to waiting another two weeks till the next one! Four weeks is too long! If someone cancels before then please squeeze me in! // Lyric  2015

Hi Kelly, besides having this cold my body feels good after my massage. Heaps less tension that’s for sure. Thanks so much for moving here  // Louise  2015
The massage was great. I feel a lot less tense now around the legs and upper body. My shoulder hasn’t been too bad either // Lisa  2015

Best massage ever. Good strong pressure. My tension just melted away.
Lara  // Oct 2015

When I had my first massage with Kelly, I had been unwell for several weeks. The holistic techniques she used during my massage treatment had an immediate and profound effect and by the end of the treatment I felt that all the sickness had left my body and I felt rejuvenated. Quite remarkable // Steve 2015