Amazing Benefits of the Acupressure Mat

The Acupressure Mat is a safe, effective and natural therapy for tense muscles, back pain, stress and improved sleep through acupressure.  Most popular purchase in Europe last Christmas..

This Christmas I fell in love…

One of my best friends in the UK sent me an Acupressure Mat for Christmas to use for my yoga practice.  I had never even heard of them, but when I started googling it, I found out that this was one of the most popular Christmas presents in Sweden last year.  Upon first glance, it looked a little scary, like a modern bed of nails and not comfortable at all.  I wondered how on earth this was meant to be relaxing, let alone doing yoga on it??!!  

I was so wrong!  I was astonished at how quickly the mild discomfort turned into a warm sensation and a little tingly as my circulation increased.  Now I cannot believe how much I love this spike mat.

So, how does the Acupressure Mat work?

Acupressure and Acupuncture have been used China for over seven thousand years and northern Indians up near the Himalayas have been using acupressure mats for yoga for the last 2000 years. These yogis found the effects of the deep acupressure treatment very conducive to meditation.  The Shakti mat, or Acupressure mat is a modern interpretation of an Indian bed of nails.  

The pressure of the spikes on the various nerve endings and acupressure points on the skin releases endorphins and oxytocin into the blood stream and this is your bodies natural healing process allowing you to relax and relieve pain.  You simply lie on it for around 10-20 minutes and you can build up to more time once you get used to it.  So what other benefits may you expect from using the mat in your daily life?

Some of the benefits that the Acupressure Mat will give you:

  • Reduces pain in the back, neck and shoulders
  • It increases blood circulation and lowers your blood pressure
  • Alleviate the symptoms of many ailments that people often resign themselves to living with including sciatica, muscular tension, backache difficulty sleeping, migraine, high stress levels, lethargy and depression.
  • Improves immunity
  • Helps reduce acid from the body which is great for people with joint problems or gut issues
  • Quicker recovery after exercise or injury
  • The perfect tool for when you’re feeling stressed

Pain Relief

The endorphins which are stimulated from lying on the mat, are released into the blood stream.  Endorphins are powerful pain relievers which many believe have a similar effect on pain as morphine! This is your body’s natural response to pain – how awesome is that?

Relaxation & Sleep

For anyone who suffers with insomnia or sleeping problems you can find relief by actually sleeping on the Acupressure mat. The Acupressure Mat increases your levels of the hormone ‘oxytocin’ which simultaneously reduces levels of stress hormones in the body. Oxytocin is known as the ‘peace and calm’ hormone, encouraging the repair of worn or damaged tissues and stimulating new cells to grow,  where they are needed. Oxytocin does a whole host of amazing things including raising our pain threshold, lowering blood pressure, decreasing anxiety, increasing sexual desire and memory capabilities. By naturally increasing the body’s production of oxytocin, you optimise your body’s overall performance, benefiting the body and the mind.


If you practise yoga for relaxation and stress release, I would definitely recommend getting one of these as you can practise the asanas or postures on it. The benefit you normally feel from practicing yoga will be increased. Or you may just like to use it in Savasana for relaxation or meditation.

How to use the Acupressure Mat

The use of Acupressure Mat is not restricted only to the back. You can use this therapeutic acupressure mat to treat specific problem areas such as the feet, stomach, jaw, thighs, or knees.

Where can I get it?

Acupressure Mats in Australia are now available from Lux Yogi.  Woohoo!!!  These are NOT the cheap ones found on ebay.  This is a premium mat, Originating in the East, but created with quality for the European (Western) market, these quality mats:

  • Are made of 100% hand stitched organic cotton
  •  The latest heat bonding technology is used to fuse the button to the fabric, so they don’t come off. No glue is used on these mats.
  • Contain over 8,000 points of stimulation.
  • Acupressure buttons made of non-toxic plastic. (The same as lego)
  • Removable foam padding for easy cleaning
  • Come with a bag so light and easy to take with you anywhere.

Acupressure Mats for sale in Australia from  RRP $65

Please note: The Acupressure Mat is not recommended for people with certain medical conditions.  Please consult your doctor prior to using the mat if you are pregnant or have a cardiovascular disease.